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1. Dear Mr. Darbeinet (CEO of AAA):

"On November 26, 2013, I was traveling from my home in Benson, VT to New London, CT where I planned to take a ferry to Orient Point, Long Island to visit elderly relatives.

A short way south of Brattleboro, I had a tire blow out.

I called AAA and within less than 30 minutes AL’S Towing arrived and changed my tire.

I was on my way from my home in Benson, VT to New London, CT where I planned to take a ferry to visit elderly relatives in Mattituck, NY. The problem was apparent: without a “real” tire, I would be unable to continue my trip.

The problem was complicated further by the prediction of a severe storm for the following day – which meant that the first 3 tire stores AL’S Towing called for me had 4-5 hours wait times….and I had a ferry to catch.

These kind gentlemen, representing your company, finally found a small tire store that was able to accommodate me.

I would like you to be aware that AL’S Towing went beyond their expected service and, thanks to their support and persistent assistance, my trip was safely completed."

2. AL'S Towing,

As a satisfied and loyal customer, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for such great service these last few years. It’s hard to find integrity these days and you have always been fair and honest in your services to me. I appreciate that you always take the time to answer my questions, you never do any work without my express consent and have never charged me for services I didn’t need. You’re friendly, yet professional and you’ve never let me down with the quality of your work.

You’re quite honestly the best tower I’ve ever had. I have more confidence in the care my car receives in your hands than anyone else. You took great care of my Honda and I look forward to patronizing your business with my new car. Keep up the good work!

3. AL’S Towing,

My husband, Claude, and I wanted to thank you for the excellent help and the tow that you provided when our AUDI A4 broke down on the interstate highway earlier in July as we were travelling in the USA from Canada. You helped us out a lot and we appreciate the quick and professional service.

Thanks again

4. To AL'S Towing,

On Sunday January 10th while driving up from Connecticut, my car battery died at the welcome center. The gentlemen there recommended I call you which I did, and Rob came out and charged up the battery. When I expressed concern about the battery and the rest of my trip i was hoping to get to Littleton, NH that evening. Then continue to Maine on Monday, Rob suggested I go to Advance Auto at exit 3 to get the battery checked and possibly replaced. He gave me excellent direction and that's exactly what I did. Thanks again Rob for the great service.

Kevin H.

5. Hello,

My wife and I had our Subaru towed by you last night via AAA from Brattleboro to our home in Connecticut after our radiator blew a hole, GREAT service! Unfortunately I did not get our drivers name, but he was super quick to the call, very professional, courteous and very skilled with the truck. had us home in no time! Thank you again for the great service and keep up the great work.. and by the way please feel free to post this to your reviews 5 stars all the way!

Scott G.

6. Hello,

I was a passenger in an accident last night on i-91.
Shane drove us from a Burger king in vt, all the way to Springfield, MA.
I just wanted to give thanks to Shane and Al's towing for helping us out in a horrible situation!

Ben G


“Will call again”

“You Guys do a great job” - Jim

“Thank you! Everyone was kind, professional and prompt!”

“This (AL’S Towing) was the best and most courteously helpful service I have ever had from AAA”

“AL’S does a great job”

“I thought the time of service was excellent, and the young man was most nice!”

“Keep up the GOOD Work”

“Thanks for your prompt help during my Wife’s Accident”

“Keep using AL’S Towing”

“The service was perfect. I have been with you for 61yrs that should say something”

“Excellent Service - very satisfied”